System Support

What is system support and how can it help you?

Rather than waiting for problems to become noticeable before calling for help our System Support service can alert you and us to problems while they are smaller and easier to manage. This improves reliability and can save you money and time caused by having a system out of action or having to deal with the inconvenience of bringing the system in for service.


What does it do?

System Support is a monitoring program that is installed onto your computer and monitors system health and allows for us to remotely log in with your permission to help quickly fix issues.

You can send a service request from the program if you need help or have noticed problems with your computer.

System support monitors the following system information:

  • Hard Disk Usage, Capacity & health. (SMART)
  • Hard Disk Fragmentation
  • RAM Usage & Capacity
  • Processor Speed, Usage & Usage
  • Anti Virus/Malware Status
  • System Errors, Crashes & Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  • Optional Managed Anti Virus By Emsisoft

What We Can’t Do

We can’t view your personal information, files, pictures or emails. Our monitoring can only detect errors and problems with your system at the hardware and operating system levels.

Our remote support tool requires you to manually approve all login requests before we can access your computer and see any information.

Not all issues can be solved via remote support. Some issues such as failed hardware will require a visit to replace the failing or failed part. With System Support’s monitoring it is possible to schedule hardware work for a convenient time before it becomes a serious problem in many cases.

Issues with internet connections will require us to visit your home or office but if a connection is important to productivity we can set up a backup internet connection.

What are the costs?

There are several levels of service with the first most basic level being free. Higher levels of service include extras such as proactive monitoring where we call you if we notice the early signs of a problem, managed anti virus, discounts on remote, workshop and on site work and even cloud based backups to best protect your data.

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How To Get It?

You can call us today on 1300 653 693 or trial our software using the free plan by downloading it from the following link: System Support